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Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

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It doesn't take a baseball fanatic to know that in the world of baseball there are few legends greater than that of Mickey Mantle. In 1951, Micky Mantle entered the major leagues for the New York Yankees, and over the course of nearly two decades, he changed the face of American baseball. He won the American League MVP three times. He played on sixteen all-star teams and in seven World Series. When he retired, he`s hit 536 home runs. Mickey Mantel Day, 8 June 1969, the New York Yankees retired his uniform number and honored him with a plaque that hangs near the tributes to Babe Ruth and other baseball greats.

Given that Mickey Mantle`s legacy dawned during the beginning of baseball card popularity, the 1950`s, it`s not surprising that his cards are some of the most valuable and the most sought after. Starting with the 1951 Bowman Rookie Card and then the Topps 152 Rookie Card, a short competition erupted between the two baseball card companies. After Bowman obtained exclusive rights to Mantle`s baseball cards in 1954 and 1955, Topps ended the conflict by simple acquiring the competing company. And who says that money doesn't solve problems.

Between the amazing career of the legendary Mickey Mantel and the booming sensation of the baseball card industry, it`s not surprising that vintage Mickey Mantle cards are some of the most valuable and sought after cards in history. It`s not surprising to see old Mantle cards going for one, two, even five thousand dollars at auction or on eBay.

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I started collecting Mickey Mantle cards about 8 years ago. One thing I have learned is depending on the PSA grade, you can spend alot of money on the Mick! It is a true testament to a baseball player that is so highly regarded almost 20 years after his death. Mickey Mantle signed a contract with Upper Deck in the early 90's. Many of his autographs and game used products can be found on many Upper deck baseball cards and products from this time. Make sure anything you buy is authenticated by Upper Deck and Mickey Mantle and graded by PSA.